Useful Resources

The below resources are websites, directories, events, groups and other practitioners that have been helpful to me in navigating my own consciousness shift and understanding the changes happening around me on the planet as the Earth transitions into a higher plane of consciousness. I trust they will prove helpful to many others as well. In my own journey, I have found the need to use many different modalities of healing and consult many different types of information; therefore, this section contains a wide diversity of resources. Please allow yourself to be guided to whichever may resonate with you.



An essential resource for those who need to discover what is really going on on the planet right now. Unfortunately, much of the information and opinion available through this channel is not exactly of a peaceful nature, and only occasionally touches on the more hopeful aspects of the great changes now occurring on Earth. Frequently, some of the predictions made here are more dire than what is likely to occur, because only part of the story is known to the reporters who may not be aware of more powerful forces, both physical and nonphysical, that are here to protect us. However, it is an invaluable look behind the scenes of today's 'news' headlines that reveals many of the true reasons for why current events are unfolding as they are, and what the real motivations and power dynamics behind them are. I recommend this resource more for educational purposes than for inspiration, and find it is best used for deep context in conjunction with more hopeful information.

Divine Cosmos

The official site for the work and research of David Wilcock, likely reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. David Wilcock is a pioneer in the field of consciousness evolution, Earth Ascension, ancient civilizations and extraterrestrials, and is also likely the world’s leading authority on research into the hidden power structures on Earth today. His focus, however, is to help prepare us for the enormous and exiting changes that await us as our planet moves into a higher vibration of consciousness. A must visit for anyone wishing to be on the forefront of any of these subjects.


Originally begun as a yoga video distributor, this online streaming service has become the preeminent clearinghouse for educating, engaging and uplifting materal having to do with all things holistic, spiritual and consciousness expanding. Gaia now has a wealth of videos and online TV series discussing Earth Ascension, extraterrestrials, ancient civilizations, secret societies and esoteric knowledge, in addition to yoga and holistic living. Both David Wilcock and Corey Goode have extensive programming on this channel, as well as other prominent researchers such as Linda Moulton Howe, George Noory, Michael Tellinger (of the Ubuntu movemet), as well as many others.

Higher Frequencies

This is the website for the channeling work of Wendy Kennedy, who channels the Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, as well as Korolla and other higher-dimensional guides. I have worked extensively with Wendy and the Pleiadians, and have achieved a lot of the growth I've done in part thanks to their help. I still occasionally speak to the Pleiadians in the dream state. (The Pleiadians always like to say you don't always necessarily need someone to channel for you, and they're not kidding!) The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadians are a wonderful group of non-judgmental higher-dimensional guides who help people understand the power of belief systems and how working to change beliefs will change your life to make it more of what you want. They are also very good at giving technically correct but accessible and understandable explanations about how the laws of attraction, resonance, entrainment and others shape the universe in which we live, and how these affect the realities we experience in our everyday lives, relationships, and political and economic systems. This site has both a lot of free as well as paid content, including language of light activations. It's also an excellent resource for Earth and galactic history. For anyone really wanting to understand how to work with the laws of the universe in their personal life, Wendy and the Pleiadians are the clearest channel I have ever met.

Sphere Being Alliance (a.k.a Ra, a.k.a. The Blue Avians)

The official site for secret space program (SSP) insider, whistleblower and liaison to the Blue Avians and the Sphere Being Alliance, Corey Goode. Corey Goode was inducted into one of the secret MILAB programs at a young age due to his advanced intuitive abilities, and spent over two decades in the dark world of breakaway secret earth government-sanctioned space exploration and development. After leaving this world, he  bravely decided to begin disclosing the abuses committed by this and other programs, and confirming what many others have been saying about humanity’s already vast secret advances in technology and interactions with many different extraterrestrial races, both past and present. A number of first hand accounts of this hidden world and its continuing drama are outlined in riveting detail on this site. Recently, he has also become a liaison and messenger for the Blue Avians, an apparently benevolent race of humanoid beings with bird-like features, who have come to act as guardians for this solar system as humanity works to resolve and integrate the important and sometimes painful life lessons of the last several thousand years on this planet. Although this site is in effect a treasure trove of ‘disclosure’ and of great interest and value to the various segments of the ‘truther’ movement, the real focus of the Avians’s message (which they had tried to impart to earlier civilizations such as ancient Egypt), is for us to become more mindful of how loving and forgiving we are in every moment, for only by becoming more so can we hope to create the wonderful new reality on Earth foretold in the ancient legends and contemporary channeled messages of the masters.

Stillness in the Storm

Similar to Anonymous News and with some of the same caveats, but with a broader esoteric context and more spiritual perspective. A good, solid resource for those who want to see the big picture of what's really going on behind the scenes on our planet, and are also careful enough to apply their own discernment.

Events, Groups and Institutions

Conscious Life Expo

An annual large gathering in Los Angeles of a who’s who among consciousness, new age and UFO research pioneers. Topics covered run the gamut from ancient advanced civilizations to modern extraterrestrial contacts and the influence of higher-dimensional beings on humanity’s evolution (and how all of these threads intersect in the dimensional consciousness shift now taking place). I have attended several times and each time it was truly a magical gathering of fascinating and inspiring information. A wonderful event for anyone living in the LA area who is interested in these topics, live streams and videos on demand also available.

Crimson Circle

Crimson Circle is a worldwide community of people dedicated to deepening their conscious embodiment and manifestation of new-energy and new-Earth principles in their lives. Headquartered near Boulder, CO, Crimson Circle has used channeled messages from first Tobias (having since reincarnated as a teenager) and later Adamus of St. Germaine (or the Scarlet Flame) to help guide dedicated people all over the world in co-creating new life possibilities for themselves as the Earth shifts into higher frequencies of consciousness. Organized by channel Geoffrey Hoppe, a former entrepreneur and assistant to Lee Carroll, channel for Kryon, Crimson Circle offers regular online events and courses (accessible in person at the Crimson Circle studio if you are in Colorado) dedicated to uplifting metaphysical and consciousness transformation. Also available are periodic predictions for how coming years will unfold on Earth as humanity collectively makes choices as to how to progress into the higher planes of existence.

Full Disclosure Project

With a motto of Truth, Technology, Equality, the Full Disclosure Project is a group of private citizens who are working together to press for public acknowledgement and awareness of suppressed and improperly classified technologies which have the immediate potential to dramatically improve the lives of billions of people worldwide as well as dramatically heal the immense environmental destruction Earth has suffered the last several decades. With much of this technology originating from the secret space program (SSP), the Full Disclosure Project also calls for the disclosure of clandestine SSP and other government programs which have been ongoing since at least the 1920s, and have also had an exploitive effect on both people and planet. Many past participants/victims, as well as those who have broken away to form part the new SSP Alliance opposed to continuing Cabal manipulation and exploitation, are hoping for a South African-style truth and reconciliation model, where hidden programs are exposed, past perpetrators who want to reconcile can come clean, victims can be compensated and suppressed technology can be released for the health and benefit of all. The Full Disclosure Project invites private persons, whether or not they have a personal connection to the SSP or its programs, to volunteer their professional skills to help in this effort. The more awareness we can generate here in Earth, the more positive potentials of growth and development we can make available for ourselves in the future.

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

OAEC is a wonderful living, working and teaching ecovillage in Sonoma County in Northern California. I took a permaculture design class here in 2010. OAEC is dedicated to being a living example of permaculture principes where students can experience and learn firsthand how this revolutionary but down-to-Earth system of living and conducting human affairs can transform this planet into a more harmonious and equitable place for all people, as well as all other forms of life. These principles are particularly important as all higher-dimensional sources of information on the coming times point to humanity working more in harmonious community groups as a collective as the Earth moves forward in its evolution. Undoubtedly, a diversity of many different types of independent but cooperating intentional communities, founded on the principles of non-violent communication and ecological and social equitabil and sustainability, will be the key to ensuring a bright future for humanity and freeing us from the manipulation of the dark powers of this world that seek to keep us divided and fighting over 'dwindling' resources through a fake zero-sum game of manipulated political, economic and military events and social conflicts. Interestingly, this is one of the more positive stories that Anonymous News has in fact covered. I believe that permaculture and consensus-governance principles, combined with the release of currently suppressed free (zero-point) energy and other suppressed technologies and healing modalities of the secret space program, applied in concert with one another, are the key to a brighter future for the planet, where there is a place for all, scarcity of resources no longer exists, and people can live in harmony pursuing what they want to do, as opposed to struggling with what they think they 'have' to do.

Omega Institute

The Omega Institute is a non-profit retreat center located in the tranquil Hudson River Valley about 75 miles upstream from New York City. Omega offers many different types of retreats dedicated to consciousness growth and holistic living. I had my first past-life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss at a group retreat at Omega in the fall of 2008. If you are in or traveling to the New York area, Omega is well worth a visit.


American Association of Psychics

The American Association of Psychics and its partner organizations in North America, the U.K. and globally, is a community of dedicated and reputable psychics and intuitive healers who are committed to high standards of professionalism and providing a trusted resource for those who are seeking to use legitimate guidance and information from non-physical dimensions in healing and moving forward with their lives. Founded by renowned psychic Rosemary the Celtic Lady, originally from Scotland and now living in Estes Park, CO, this organization has detailed information on a large number of different practitioners for the seeker to explore.

Body Mind Spirit Directory

A large directory of many types of intuitive and holistic healing professionals from across the world but with a focus on North America. US practitioners are listed by state and region. In its style and layout this directory is designed as the Craigslist of the metaphysical and holistic community. Also has some information on various types of events.